World Class Production Services


Just as with everything we do, Digital Beach excels in posting full-length feature films, shorts and Film trailers. From producing, editing, grading, DCP encoding, whatever, start to finish, your film never looked better when when it hits the big screen.

Radio & TV

Digital Beach specializes in complete audio and video production and post-production. The creative element of your marketing plan is where we make the difference.

Digital Encoding

Long gone are the days of a singular media destination. Your creative is going to run on different platforms, different aspects, different codecs, different everything. We make sure it looks the best at the highest quality on any platform.

DCP Encoding

Often overlooked until you need it, Digital Beach makes sure you’re film and creative looks just the way you intended when you showcase it in the theatre. Specific to Digital Projectors, a Digital Cinema Package is absolutely necessary when you want your film to be seen the way you intended.

Multiple Platforms

Don’t just run your TV spots online. We think that’s a mistake. After all, platforms and aspect ratios are very unique.

Color Correction | Color Grading

Most people don’t pay attention to how much better your creative can be when it’s corrected and graded. See the difference. You’ll be amazed.


Getting your spots done? No problem. Getting them to market fast? A problem for some, but not for Digital Beach. We know time is money. Your Money.

Voice Over Talent

Our in-house, on staff announcers are voices you know. You hear them on some of the best event advertising in the world.

Full Audio Production

Unlike the voice-over sites that are popping up everywhere we produce from start to finish, with only the greatest talent in the world. Our finished product rocks.

Writing & Composition

Got a script? Great. We’ll rock it. Got an idea? Even better. We’ll write it. Put our copywriters to the the test. Witness the power words can make.


What would a production house be without the ability to produce the best moving pictures in the world? And yes, folks, Digital Beach has that in spades. In partnership with Magic Hour, Inc. and cinematographer Dave A. Barrett, nobody comes close to making your footage pop like we do. Our “go-to” guy for all things film and video, Dave makes your footage look larger than life. Using only the best ARRI and RED cinema cameras, a trove of the best lenses on the planet, and combine that with post-production by Digital Beach. We’ll folks, you can’t get much better than that.

The Digital Beach Advantage

Measurable Experience

There's over 10,000 AM/FM radio stations in the United States. There's over 2,500 broadcast television stations and an infinite number of CABLE and STREAMING insertion opportunities coast to coast every day. The voices and talent of Digital Beach can be found on virtually any one of them at any given time. How? We work with the greatest clients across the country on national, regional, and local levels. Not just today, but for the past 30 years.

Pride and Initiative

We’re not your ordinary production and post-house. We don't promise more than we can deliver. We don't sell a deadline we can't meet. We DO take pride in our productions, our timelines, our quality, and our expertise. When a production is complete, it has our stamp on it and that means something. Not just to us, but to the television stations and broadcast networks that receive our digital files.

Determination Like No Other Production Firm

The deadline is king, and meeting that deadline isn’t a goal, it’s a necessity. There are no excuses. Our determination means long hard hours, missing lunch, getting home late. It means your project gets delivered on-time. That's just the way it is. That's determination.

Reasonable and Fair Pricing

It’s been our experience that production companies of our nature tend to have a rate card that doesn’t always make sense. In some cases there is no rate card and a number is just made up based on their understanding of their clients ability to pay. We won’t play that game. We guarantee to always have reasonable and fair pricing and work within our clients budgets while delivering the highest quality possible.